The Rocky Mountain Region’s premier industrial scrap metal processor Atlas Metal & Iron Corp. is testimony to the significance of recycling…even before being GREEN was a worldwide cause.

Our Story

The family-owned and operated business got its start in the mid-1950s when Don Rosen started a small metal recycling business in Denver. Mr. Rosen sensed the need in post-WWII Denver for scrapping on a greater level. The city was busting at the seams with urban reconstruction and new construction spreading into the suburbs. He partnered with his dad and two other in-laws to purchase one-acre lot at 3rd St. and Walnut St. to open their own metal recycling plant.

Don Rosen didn’t just start a business, he launched a family enterprise that currently employs his children and numerous grand-children.

“We all sincerely love this business,” says Ben Rosen, Vice President of Non-Ferrous. “Working together has brought our family even closer.” Family values are one of the top three drivers at Atlas along with friendly customer service and extremely competitive pricing.

The essential recycling service has evolved over six decades into a sophisticated commodities market. Scrap isn’t waste; recycling isn’t disposable. “Our recycling methods put the metals back into the economic stream,” adds Rosen.

Scrap metal recycling is a $29.9B business in the US market. Prices fluctuate daily with the market, so Atlas welcomes customers to call in advance for pricing.

Atlas employs over 100 workers in its plants in both Denver and Aurora. The two operations sit on a total of 14 acres. Proper safety training, environmental screening and highly efficient operations set Atlas apart from all other metal recyclers.

Atlas purchases both nonferrous and ferrous scrap metal including aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, zinc, cast iron, and steel. The incoming scrap metal is baled, cut, chopped, sheared and sorted in an environmentally responsible manner to meet the stringent requirements of multinational end users. The Denver plant manufactures pure copper chops for domestic and foreign markets used in metallurgical and plating applications in nearly every major industry: transportation, engineering, machinery, electrical, building, automotive, computer and even exterior paint.

What started as a small plan has evolved to lead the charge of recycling commodities. It’s good to be GREEN; better to be Atlas.


We view ourselves as part of the greater recycling push—everything from plastic bags and paper to metals. In Denver, there’s an uptick in aluminum cans after every Broncos game. It’s good to be part of the effort to maintain enviornmental stability.


Rankings today are everything. Every customer is important to us. We strive to demonstrate how important each person is.


Got questions about what can or cannot be recycled? Want to know more about our locations and hours? We have answers for you. If you don’t find the answer to your specific question, call us and we’ll be happy to answer.

We offer all size containers from a one-cubic yard box to trailers and roll-offs. 

We recycle Motherboards, network boards and more. Check out the details on our e-Waste page.

We are open 6 days a week at both our Denver and Aurora locations?

Yes, we will deliver containers and return to change them out as often as your job requires.