Atlas Metal & Iron Corporation is committed to responsible and environmentally safe operating procedures and practices, complying with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations. 

Acceptance of your materials is strictly the determination of the Yard Inspection Personnel. Materials containing any listed items will subject your load to rejection.

  1. No compressed gas cylinders or closed drums
  2. No propane tanks
  3. No explosive/combustible solids or liquids
  4. No mercury switches, pumps, gauges, or mercury-containing sources
  5. No gas or diesel tanks
  6. No pyrotechnic devices including automobile airbags (containing sodium azide)
  7. No ASTs or USTs
  8. No radioactive, HAZMAT or asbestos materials
  9.  No vehicles
  10.  No tires
  11. No oil cans, or un-punctured oil filters/oil pans
  12.  No munitions scrap except spent shell casings
  13.  No items containing PCBs (e.g., capacitors, ballasts, transformers) – items bearing “NO PCBs” mark only
  14. No solid or liquid waste separated or contained with loads or organic compounds capable of volatilization (i.e. petroleum based items); no organic waste or food products
  15.  No AC units, freezers, refrigerators, or appliances (except commercial accounts under signed agreement)
  16. No railroad material or railroad ties (except from railroad owner)
  17. No batteries (except commercial accounts under prior approval)
  18. No electronic scrap such as circuit boards, TVS, monitors, laptops or microwaves and other materials containing CRTs, LCDs or microwave tubes.
  19. No fluorescent or mercury vapor lamps
  20. No lead or ferrous loads containing lead
  21. No free-flowing liquids of any kind, including water
  22. No city or municipal property (except from government agency or licensed contractor)
  23. No drums/barrels unless EPA clean certified
  24. No steel cable/wire rope for shred
  25. No spray or aerosol containers or cans containing paint, lacquer, tar, grease, thinner or water sealer, pesticides or other toxic chemicals
  26. No excessive dirt, rocks, concrete, glass, plastic, or wood