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Electronics Recycling

Atlas Metal & Iron Corporation is committed to responsible and environmentally safe operating procedures and practices, complying with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations. 

Electronics Recycling

Recycling saves natural resources by using secondary rather than virgin materials for manufacturing while simultaneously using less energy. Recycling allows products otherwise destined for the landfill to be reused to manufacture new products bypassing the waste stream altogether. And, it contributes to economic growth through employment opportunities, tax revenues, purchase of new equipment, increased interstate commerce, and exports.

Our commitment to maintaining an environmentally sound workplace is demonstrated by our adoption of industry-developed comprehensive environmental operating guidelines. Atlas Metal & Iron Corp supports Design for Recycling TM – a national policy to promote the design and manufacture of goods that, at the end of their useful life, can be recycled safely and efficiently.


Electronics Recycling in the U.S. totals a staggering amount annually. Consider:

  • Americans spent $71 billion on telephone and communication equipment in 2019, nearly five times what they spent in 2010 even when adjusted for inflation. Bureau of Economic Analysis, National Income and Product Accounts. 
  • Americans now own approximately 24 electronic products per household. National Conference Of State Legislators, Electronic Waste Recycling. 
  • Only 19 states have laws banning electronics from the regular trash. In states without such rules, like Nevada, electronics often end up in garbage and recycling bins. Time Magazine, The World Has An Electronics Recycling Problem. 
  • Recycling 1 million laptop computers can save enough energy to run 3,500 U.S. homes for a year. Environmental Protection Agency, Electronics Donation and Recycling.
  • In the United States and Canada, every person produces roughly 20kg of electronics recycling annually. World Economic Forum "A New Circular Vision for Electronics Time for a Global Reboot

Stats reported by Rick LeBlanc, expert on pallet and packaging, in, January 2020.

Atlas Metal & Iron offers a solution for your outdated eWaste—computers and electronics. Save the environment. We recycle all types of computers and electronics. Top prices paid!


  • Motherboards – 3 and older
  • Network Boards
  • Backplanes
  • Low Grade Boards—TV, monitor, power supply
  • Optical Drives
  • Optical Drives—CD, DVD, Floppy
  • Whole Hard drives, Shredded Drives, Punched Hard drives
  • Power Supplies—PC, Server
  • Ram—Gold Finger, Silver Finger
  • Computer Scrap—Whole PC's, Servers, Laptop's (No Batteries)
  • Cell Phones (No Batteries).
  • We do NOT take keyboards, mice or screens.