Family Owned and Operated since 1956

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Who We Are

We are a scrap metal recycler.

Who We Are

Atlas Metal & Iron Corp. is an industrial scrap metal processor. We purchase both nonferrous and ferrous metallic scrap metal from industry and from the general public including aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, zinc, cast iron, and steel. We process the incoming scrap metal by various methods such as baling, cutting, chopping, shearing, and sorting.

Atlas Metal & Iron was incorporated in Denver, Colorado in 1956 by Don Rosen and three other family members. The company began operations on a one acre site purchased to start a small retail scrap recycling yard.

 The scrap metal industry has evolved into a very highly sophisticated commodities market in which the end user has specific requirements that the scrap conform to very precise grades and specifications. We, therefore, must operate with such compliance to what has become an internationally recognized standard that recognizes no fewer than 130 grades of nonferrous scrap and 100 grades of ferrous scrap. To do so requires a great deal of sorting, processing, and analysis through the use of a wide array of equipment and training. Less than 10% of our sales volume and approximately 20% of our physical volume is related to outdoor storage or processing.

We entered the recycling business at a time when recycling wasn’t fashionable and residents of the Mile High State weren’t concerned with preserving Mother Nature’s resources. Today, our commitment to recycling is unrivaled in Denver and along the Front Range.