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Computer Recycling

The bad news is that your current laptop will be obsolete soon…even if you just bought it a handful of years ago. Nearly 98% of every part of a computer can be recycled, including the glass monitor, keyboard, plastic or aluminum casing, cables, CD-ROM drive, power cord, and circuit board.

Before you take your computer to the recycler, take these steps to remove data from your hardware doing the following:

  • Delete and overwrite sensitive files
  • Turn on drive encryption
  • Deauthorize your computer
  • Delete your browsing history
  • Uninstall your programs
  • Consult your employer about data disposal policies
  • Wipe your hard drive
  • Or physically damage your hard drive.

By computer recycling, we mean not only computers and laptops proper, but also the accessories that accompany them, such as keyboards, mouse, screens, etc. All these components are mines of recyclable resources.